About us

Officially founded as a group in 2012 , by being committed to the calling of what God has laid on their hearts. Revealed is a group comprised of Faron Lewis, Noah Begay & Kyle Begay. It all began, singing and ministering in their home church, Mesa Baptist Church, out on the Navajo Nation in Sanostee, New Mexico. At a young age, the guys has been blessed with many opportunities to share the Gospel of Christ through their music in various places outside of their home church, such as their home state of New Mexico and out of state as well. It is the passion of Revealed that they are able to share the good news of Jesus Christ for all ages of life. It is their prayers and desires that hearts will be uplifted and lost souls will find redemption through the powerful message of Love and Grace that God extends to each of us. As these three continue to step out in Faith, there is still much work to be done. They are ready to go wherever the Lord opens a door, proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ through song and encouragement.